December 21, 2019 - BY Admin

compelling reasons you should switch to php-7 for word-press

Though it’s the most widely used web programming language, php has taken a lot of flack in development circles. However, after a long period with no major updates, PHP 7 has finally been realized with many great new features – and it will also help you keep your WordPress website in tip-top shape.

Reasons You Should Make the Switch to PHP 7 for WordPress

WordPress Advocates for PHP 7

Updates are (of course) necessary for security reasons, to fix bugs, and to add new features and functionality, so it makes sense to apply these same standards to your WordPress server too.

PHP 7 Offers Better Development Features

many aspects of PHP 7 attempt to steer new developers in the right direction. It does this by removing poorly written, outdated functions previously kept in for backwards compatibility reasons. 

PHP 7 Is Blazingly Fast and More Secure

Previous versions of PHP have been around for so long that there are many well-documented hacks for each. As PHP 7 is newer, there are likely fewer known ways to exploit a PHP 7 specific weakness.